Elements For Children

Ask the children what they want. And listen to them! Take their answers seriously. Rather than providing them with specific playing elements, define the children their space so that they can infer their own games, which will awaken their imagination and curiosity.

Elements For Children

Do not determine the activities specifically, leave the children’s world a little under construction, unfinished. Their “job” is usually their completion. Children most enjoy the forbidden, unorganized activities that seem to be random, careless at first sight. It should be possible to change the space depending on the mood and age of the children.

A clubhouse. Children prefer to have adult privileges. Let them enjoy the little house to their liking. Do not organize this place for them. Give them the key and say, "This is yours, make it your own."

The clubhouse should be equipped with a light. Place the clubhouse in the treetop to add a unique atmosphere.

Lawn. It is an outdoor carpet and sports mat in one for children. Make it just as big as you need. For footballers, reserve a decent place for a pitch; otherwise, you should rather save your lawn area.

Swings and climbing poles. Guaranteed fun for all children. And most adults enjoy swings and hammocks, too. However, they should not have a special garden design, do not try to stuff the playing elements in one place only. On the contrary, scatter them throughout the garden. Hang some on the pergola, others on a more distant tree.

A sandbox. You have it at home only for a while. Do not address its visual tone, but put it where it is comfortable for you and your children. The child must not be exposed to direct sunlight or wet conditions. Do not put it directly to the terrace unless you want to be part of an everyday children's sweeping game.

Sandboxes are often undersized. Make it big enough for you to dig in and build endless tunnels. Be creative in sandbox design. Use beams, poles, logs or thick branches for the frame. And when the children grow a little, perhaps you can cancel the sandbox completely and build a perennial flower bed in its place.