Fire Ring

For many people, a fireplace is a practical place to burn leaves from the garden; however, it is often forgotten that it is also a perfect meeting place for family and friends. Perhaps nowhere else you and your loved ones can talk as well as at the fireplace.

Fire Ring

Our experience in recent years has shown that even in luxury, super-equipped gardens, clients will most likely love to have fireplaces. Sitting by the blazing fire in the open sky binds people together, relaxes them and opens unusually deep conversations.

Believe us that in almost every garden you can find a space for the fireplace and the right design expression, which fits into the surroundings by its architecture.

To make a fireplace, it is necessary to allocate an area of at least four meters in diameter. However, this does not mean that this area belongs only to the fireplace in the garden. If you have a smaller garden, place a large flat stone at the level of the lawn, and if you want to start a fire, bring the mobile fireplace out of the flower bed or shed. After the culinary experience, you can easily clean it up and continue to use the space for other activities.

A simple unobtrusive fireplace does not have to be a costly matter, but on the other hand, it can easily form a very distinctive and design element of the garden.

You can grill on hot coals in the fireplace just like on a grill.