Garden Kitchen

Outdoor cooking is one of the reasons that will surely draw you into the garden. In recent years, high-quality gastronomy is very common, and so the demands and time we spend in our garden with food and all that it concerns increase, too.

Garden Kitchen

Outdoor cooking and dining can range from roasting sausages over the fire to all-inclusive gastronomic equipment that is just as good as our home cooking. At home, however, you are limited by space, while outdoors, you will be free to cook.

I recommend choosing a new, different cooking experience to the garden than the one that your interior kitchen offers. Have you thought of baking bread or pizza in the garden oven? Or preparing a steak on an open fire? Such an experience can be enhanced, expanded: before cooking, catch fish in your garden lake, or throw freshly picked eggs from the chicken coop on the pan and season the food with just-picked herbs from your own flower bed.

From grills, I personally prefer the mobile version, where the place of cooking can be adapted to the current weather, mood, number of eaters and the specific way of spending time in the garden.

If you have already decided to have a great outdoor kitchen, where should you place it? If the garden plot is small, then the location should be near the house, so that the necessary things will always be at hand. On the contrary, if you own a large piece of land, feel free to place the kitchen away into space. It will be for cooking and dining that you will be joyfully going into the garden. In such a case, however, the outdoor kitchen must be well equipped (even with a small refrigerator) so that you do not run back to the house for minor necessities.