Garden will save you during the quarantine. Architect advises how to enhance it.

The landscape architect divides the garden into individual rooms, as in an apartment. They try to design each corner of the space to exactly meet the needs of the owner and resonate with their nature and life attitudes. Here are some examples of green rooms and their furnishings.

Garden will save you during the quarantine. Architect advises how to enhance it.

Living Room

If we compare the individual corners in the garden to parts of the apartment, then definitely the living room is the terrace where we spend ninety per cent of the time. It is one of the few rooms that is directly connected to the house. Therefore, always give it a priority and sufficient space when implementing it.

The terrace can be a coffee "lounge" with all the trimmings, not only with a dining table but also with a sofa. Do not duplicate the function of the interior dining room here, for example, create a bistro corner or a completely informal relaxing seating area with a couch.

The sitting must be adapted to your lifestyle, there is nothing sadder than dining in two all year round at a table for twelve people.

For cooking on the terrace, choose an outdoor fireplace with an open fire. Repeat selected elements from the interior (cupboards, textiles, plant containers) on the terrace. Both spaces interconnect emotionally.



If the garden is to have a formal character somewhere, then it is in the hall, i.e. in the front garden. Humility is in place because the hall is the intermediate stage between your micro-world and the outside. Make sure that colours, materials, and shapes are clean. The place should be practical and warm at the same time, think of a welcoming tree, sneak a few meters of green here. If you place a bench in the space, you will have an overview of what is happening nearby.



Cooking is probably the easiest way to get lured into the garden. After all, cooking in the garden can be more fun than staying inside the house, and you can easily surround yourself with family and friends in the garden kitchen. The base is a sink with drinking water, you can add cabinets for dishes and even a garden refrigerator.

When planning, it is necessary to choose the cooking kit material well. The board is made of stone or concrete, the door is made of sheet metal or durable wood. The connection of the kitchenette with the garden pantry is natural and witty.



Horticultural paradise can be one of the most interesting corners of the garden. It is such a strong attraction that we can place it farther from the house, it will draw you without any doubt. In addition to the utility, such a pantry should also bring joy, you should enjoy it, not suffer kneeling in the mud on your knees.

It is advisable to create flower beds in clearly defined shapes and delimit them with a plank, stone cube or steel strip, the raised beds will be comfortable. Create gravel or threshing paths between the flower beds, avoiding mud-coated shoes.

If you do not consider automatic irrigation elsewhere in the garden, think about it in the pantry. Good is also a bench on which you can sit between the harvest and the weeding period, suitable is also a planting table. The "walls" of the pantry can be formed by a group of bushes with soft berries or a woodshed with wood.



A cleverly designed garden can offer you privacy during the night. You do not have to be a great romantic to enjoy falling asleep on a summer night with a star-filled sky. And the air in the morning...

Your garden is a piece of landscape, do not be afraid to behave accordingly. By the blazing fire, you can unfold camping mattresses, unfold the couch on the terrace to make a comfortable bed.



An outdoor shower is nowadays a simple element and maybe that is the reason why it is so popular in a modern garden. Especially in gardens, where the larger refreshing water feature does not fit, it is a good alternative to make children and adults happy during hot days.

The realization is simple, bring water to the selected body of the shower, which either anchor to a suitable wall in the garden, or give it wooden support to be stable when children are running around. It is good to think of the right room for the shower.

If you have small children, it can be placed in the centre of the action with enough space to play around; if you are thinking of a shower for regular showering, it can be pleasantly tucked into a piece of greenery, completed with a screen or separated by a trimmed hedge.


Children's room

Children are the most rewarding inhabitants of any proper garden, you can either create a playroom from all over the space or set a room for them and adapt it to a particular child. Everybody has different needs: somebody is an intellectual strike and they will look for a corner where they can dream undisturbed, while others will find themselves desperately empty without space for somersaults and scoring goals.

Place the space for the youngest children (sandbox) so that you can see it from the main terrace and the living rooms. Larger children will appreciate the clubhouse, the smaller wooden building where they can climb and hide from the adult world. Do not forget water in any form, children love it.


Reading room

Deeper into the garden, in the flowerbed of higher perennials or shrubs, place a reading room (thinking spot, crouching spot). Comfortable, pleasant space where you want to relax, read, etc. You can equip it according to your needs: swing, hammock, comfortable chair. The thinking spot should blend in with the garden while offering a fantastically comfortable seating area.