Shading and roofing

Garden shading can be either fixed or mobile. Fixed is permanently anchored directly on the house or pergola. Often these are differently folded slats.

Shading and roofing

Shading systems often include a more or less transparent, waterproof material, most commonly glass or fibreglass, which provides good light transmission but protects against rain and snow. However, such slabs laid directly on the pergola construction often create a quite unpleasant microclimate on the terrace. Their other disadvantage is that it is quite difficult to keep them clean. Therefore, we recommend combining a solid opaque roofing with a live green creeper or place a transparent roofing between the creeper and the pergola.

Always bear in mind that it is necessary to have a well-calculated statics of roofing and shading because wet snow or strong wind can shake the whole building significantly.

Mobile, adjustable shading is often solved by various forms of awnings. It is a good idea to plan this type of shielding during the construction of the house and to install the cover cassette with the awning travel directly under the house facade.

Awnings can be found in various, today even very unobtrusive and tasteful material designs. Ice cream stripes and ruffles are already long gone. Today, technology often offers rain and wind sensors.

Modern architecture of buildings is also suitable for shading in the form of various more or less self-standing sheets. They are more expensive than awnings and are also more sensitive to wind and more demanding for operation and maintenance.

Sophisticated variable textile systems are capable of triggering shading, even the vertical one, against the setting sun. The side shading is the biggest challenge when staying on the terrace. Intentionally, sit on the patio before choosing a suitable shade and note where the shading should be located to make it truly work. Perhaps you will eventually pull the shading pergola or tarpaulin deeper into the garden. Why not? The simplest solution is usually outdoor curtains or even classic umbrellas. Today, umbrellas are made in a simple, clean design and are stable. They are self-standing, easy to use and come in very elegant designs. Their huge advantage is that they can be tilted according to the direction of the sun's rays and easily folded and cleaned.