Swimming Pools

If the pool is covered, do not place it in front of the terrace or the living room French window, but rather in places where it will not disturb your daily view of the garden. In the garden area, the roofing is usually quite artificial, so it can be a challenge to engage it in the garden wittily and tastefully.

Swimming Pools

If possible, plan a seating area, terrace or even an outdoor kitchen alongside the pool. Treat yourself to a stay linked directly to the open-air swimming pool. The location of the pool should be open and sunny, and the pool operators will be pleased to see it at an appropriate distance from the deciduous trees. On the contrary, I like it when the pool is literally surrounded by larger deciduous trees; it will soften its presence and make its use more pleasant than anything else.

The big advantage of the pool is that it uses well-kept technologies to maintain clean water and that it can be reheated even in colder seasons.

When designing a swimming pool, pay attention to details such as the connection of the pool edge to the surrounding surfaces, especially the terrace. Do not underestimate the lighting of the pool, the glitter of bubbling water will create a beautiful atmosphere on long summer evenings. Cover the above-ground pools in greenery; if they protrude into space, it makes the garden ugly. Think of the background and noise of the technology. Ideally, keep the device in the basement of the house or under the terrace (allow for sound insulation).

It is generally good to plant as much greenery along the pool as possible, a proper grass- perennial flower bed harmonizes the pool nicely with the garden.

Are you not sure how big the pool – or possibly even which features – to realize? If one of your friends owns a pool, try it at their place. If you want to have a place for at least a few strokes in the water, allow for a length of at least nine meters. Countercurrent works like a treadmill in the living room; I personally always prefer running along the river.